Z06 Cam Option

5.3L - 375HP        6.0L - 425HP

Package Includes:

  • GMP 12565308 Cam - 204/218 duration - .550/.550 lift - 117.5 LSA
  • GMP 12499224 Valve Springs - LS6
  • Installed & Tuned


I offer the GM factory 2004 Z06 cam option on my 5.3L & 6.0L engines and tunes.  The Z06 cam is NOT a big, lopey / lumpy cam!  Keep in mind, it came in a factory built car.  Its a good all around "wake up" for these Vortec truck engines.  Its more that the factory cam is SO small!  I use this cam personally in my own rock-crawler buggy as well as my wife's Yukon XL, and even tow with it occasionally.  For street use only, a bigger cam is more desirable but requires custom tuning and can be somewhat temperamental.





5.3L & 6.0L Factory Cam Specs: 

190/191 duration - .466/.457 lift - 114 LSA

Recent dyno testing with the Z06 cam shows more potential than original thought.  When properly tuned we squeezed 384.9HP & 372.5TQ out of a 5.3L L59 (flex-fuel version of LM7).  I think the 5.3 REALLY likes this cam profile.  It will be interesting to see how the 6.0 Z06 does.  I don't believe the gains will be as much as the larger cubic inch will benefit from a bit larger cam.  SEE VIDEO ABOVE.

5.3L L59 w/ Z06 Cam & Valve Springs - 384.9HP & 372TQ

5.3L L59 w/ Z06 Cam & Valve Springs - 384.9HP & 372TQ

Here is a video from a similar 5.3L, the LM4 with Long Tube, Large Primary, Equal Length headers.  Made 394HP & 380TQ