Mid 90's T-Bird & Taurus Dual Speed Fan


The Ford T-Bird or Taurus Dual Speed electric fan from the mid 1990's is a great economical and effective cooling solution.  I have seen several reports that on high they flow around 4500-5000 CFM.  They are EXTREMELY quite due to the large swept forward blade design.  I prefer the T-Bird over the Taurus as it fits a Summit Brand generic 24" x 19" radiator like it was factory.  Depending on your radiator shape you may want to consider both.  You used to have to get them from the wrecking yards or a "Pick-N-Pull" style recycler, but now they are just as economical to buy new from Ebay.  You will see a couple different blade designs available.  Look for the the forward swept version as in the picture to the right.


This is how I generally hook up the T-Bird fan.  You don't have to incorporate the switch.  It is only if you want to manually over-ride and turn the fans ON.  This is helpful if you have "stacked" auxiliary coolers (trans cooler, power steering, a/c, etc.) using the same T-Bird fan to cool.  I often need to cool my transmission & hydro steering although my engine is still below 200 degrees.  Many offroaders do not like to use the automatic fan control that the engine ECM provides because they say they can not turn the fans OFF when crossing water.  The solution to this is: Pull the fuse for the few times this scenario occurs.  I GUARANTEE you, you WILL over heat your engine more than once because you forgot to turn your fans on using a manual ON switch!!!