A/C Compressor

The A/C compressor is included in the engine turnkey package.  It comes with the factory port blocks but has a/c hoses cut.  The port blocks are easily drilled and tapped to standard NPT threads for “onboard air” applications.  The upper port is the inlet and should be filtered – This is where to add an ounce of synthetic gear oil once in awhile.  The lower port is the pressure side.  I don’t see the need to filter the oil back out, but an inline “unloader / check valve” should be used.


There really is nothing to do with the alternator if running it in the factory location.  It is located on the drivers-side, front & top of the motor (see photo on front page). It is tied into the battery via the battery connection and will start charging when the engine is running.  It is often the most difficult to deal with if packaging is tight.  Relocation is sometimes necessary.  My recommendation is to run it in its factory location unless APSOLUTELY necessary.  Relocating it will cost a lot of money.

Power Steering Pump

The OEM Saginaw pump comes with the turnkey engine package.  Many aftermarket pumps use the same bolt pattern and will bolt into the existing factory bracket.  A new pulley and serpentine belt is often needed.  Unless APSOLUTELY necessary, run your pump in the factory location.  Relocating it will cost a lot of money.

Motor Mounts

RockTactics and are available in both standard and offset for use with the block hugger style headers for about $65.  The bolt pattern is a little odd at 4.410” x 3.078” if you want to make your own.  Chevy ½ ton spring bushings work great.

Exhaust Manifolds / Headers

The stock exhaust manifolds actually flow pretty good.  Unless packaging is an issue and an aftermarket header, or “block hugger” header is required, I would use them.  Headers are going to add $200-$400 to your engine swap project.  And, the factory collectors are far superior in design and don’t leak compared to the common 3-bolt header flange.  Both are available in steel & ceramic coated.  Summit Headers, & Hooker Headers.  And Earl’s Collector Gaskets are the best I’ve found for the 3 bolt collectors.

O2 Sensors

The factory O2 sensors and “down” pipes are included in the engine turnkey package.  If possible leave them in the factory location.  Otherwise, you will need to locate them somewhere between the exhaust manifold collector and any “Y” pipe, or muffler if you run dual exhaust.  They are Left (bank 1) and Right (bank 2) specific.  Summit Racing sells a variety of O2 weld in bungs.  These work well: SLE-30115  Or, you can cut the factory ones out of the supplied “down” pipes and save yourself a few bucks!