Manual Transmissions


Any manual transmission is relatively easy to use.  If you can find an adapter for it, it will work with Gen III.  Now I won't say cheap, because you will need to buy and adapter clutch kit and those generally run $500-$800.  Novak and Advance Adapters are great places to start for your adapter kit.  Many of the manual transmissions came in various applications and often from different manufacturers (i.e. Ford, GM, Dodge, Jeep, etc.)  For the best success you really need to know exactly what application your transmission came from.

We have found that most customers prefer an 800rpm idle when using a manual transmission and will be the default unless you state otherwise when purchasing.

Note:  A VSS (vehicle speed sensor) is NOT required to run these transmissions.  Although desirable, especially with upgraded cams, the VSS is not mandatory.