GEN IV 6L80e Info

The 6L80e Transmission became available around 2008 in the Truck / SUV platforms.  Although it is 6 speeds and desirable for some applications it is fully electronic, adds complexity, and will add cost to your project to be fully functional.

The TCM (transmssion control module) has been separated from the ECM (GenIII ECM ran both engine & trans).  More importantly the TCM has been placed INSIDE the transmission.  This makes it difficult to offer a truly turnkey engine to customers as the TCM needs to be programmed for the application to work properly.

Adding to the complexity of the 6L80e is the TUTD (tap up / tap down) feature.  The 6L80e is not controlled completely by a conventional cable.  The cable locations are P-R-N-D-M-1.  "M" = TUTD feature and in the Truck / SUV is located on the column shift and in cars was often located on the console shifter and both "can be" adapted to paddle-type shifters.

The TUTD feature in the Truck / SUV is controlled by the BCM (body control moudule).  Although the body control module "can be" wired to retain TUTD and other features including Cruise Control, because of its complexity we do not offer the use of the BCM as an option.

Therefore, the only other option is to run the 6L80e in "automatic" = D mode all the time with no available manual up / down shifting OR reprogram the Vortec ECM AND TCM for "hardwire" TUTD input.  Since we do not sell transmissions this will require the customer to remove the TCM from the transmission and send it in for reprogramming.

To use the 6L80e it does need to be "matched" to the engine.  2007-2008 engines need to be mated to similar year TCM's, and 2009+ recpectably.

All engines on the GEN IV Engines For Sale page will show available options and pricing.