The BD Buggy! 

Started as a 1987 Suzuki Samuari.  I have owned and modified this rig for almost 20 years now. 

This is what started BD Turnkey Engines LLC. After MANY modifications over the years that included swapping in a 5.3L and later adding the Z06 cam, I saw the potential, and wanted to offer this combination to others in a simple, fully tuned package.  But most importantly - ON A BUDGET!!

The BD "Shop Truck" 


This is a 2002 Silverado.  I replaced the 4.8L with 90k mile 6.0L LQ4.  I Added a Trick-Flow big cam, springs and chromoly pushrods - THAT IS IT!!!  Completed the exhaust with Long-Tube equal length headers and dual 3" exhaust.  Made about 425HP on the dyno.  Fun truck to take to the strip.  YES, I actually haul engines in this truck EVERY week!

I offer this engine combination as the 6.0L SS Cam Option!






Winter of 2015

I picked up a D1 Procharger off of Craigslist.  I used the House Of Boost bracket kit that mounts it on the passenger side and has its own dedicated 8-rib blower belt.  I put 60lb injectors in it and run it exclusively on E85 at 15psi.  I also swapped out the original 4L60 for the bigger 4L80.  It also got a 9.5" 14 bolt rear end and a Detroit Locker.  Had to put dual 380L fuel pumps in to handle the massive demands of E85.  I haven't got it to the dyno yet but based on its N/A numbers and it running a solid 15psi it should be well north of 700HP!!!  And It feels like it too.  Some drag radials are next!

UPDATE 9-13-16

 Finally got the truck to the chassis dyno.  Made 627HP to the ground at 13psi.

The BD Boat


This is a 1989 Arriva 2450.  Has been updated with a 2003 8.1L Vortec truck engine.  It retains the complete factory EFI Vortec system utilizing the DBW pedal and ECM, 

The BD Polaris RZR


A 2012 XP4 900 converted to a 6.0L!!! 

Ha, Ha, got you on that one.  It has gone through many upgrades that included an Aerocharger bolt on turbo kit.  It keeps me active in the sand sports as Vortec engines are an economical way to V8 power sand rails.

The 2015 Summer Project - Z1 Swap

The RZR went through the next transformation getting an Arctic Cat Sled Z1 1100 Turbo swap.  Upgraded Big Chute Turbo and Vipec ECM.  Runs 22-24psi Boost on pump gas and Torco.  Can "hang" with 400hp sandrails now!!!  

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