Shipping is pretty reasonable.  I have shipped to some odd East Coast locations for around $350 with all the toll roads and bridges, and California for $150. So you can estimate anywhere in between.  If you require a Residential and Liftgate I recommend shipping to one of the LTL Shipping Company Terminals and you go pick up - it is cheaper that way - It is the same price as commercial.  Residential deliveries are only required to unload at street. At a terminal they will put it in the back of your truck. 

I do charge a $50 palletizing fee (as seen below).  You will need the engine transport cradles that I make at $50 and the additional $30 insurance up to $5000 claim for "used" parts that the freight companies require. So there will be +$130 above actual shipping costs.

I won't be doing actually shipping costs until a deposit is given. Sorry, its just too time consuming for folks that are just window shopping.

20130510_101607 1GKEK63U72J169354.jpg
20130731_165418 1GCEK19B07Z204393.jpg

Custom pallets for extra strength are made using 2"x4" wood.  Along with custom steel engine cradle legs that support the engine properly with no damage.  NO tires used in my shop!!!!

Engine Legs.jpg