BD SuperFlow / DTS 850

1000+ HP Dyno


3 Monitors

HP Tuners - DynoMax - HP Scanner


For an additional $350 we will process your engine and tune it on our dyno.  It will include a video like the one to the right as well as a legit dyno sheet and data sheet showing EXACTLY how much power your engine makes and at what RPM.

This service is not only for customers choosing one of our cam options but even a stock engine will benefit from a "custom" dyno tune.  For example; the 5.3L engine in the video to the right made 317HP with the factory OEM tune.  Our generic performance tune makes around 325HP on average, but with the use of the dyno and fine tuning the calibration we were able to squeeze 343HP from a bone stock 5.3L that has over 100k miles on it.  The newer 320HP rated GenIV 5.3L LC9 VVT in the photos made a whopping 370+ HP with long tube headers and our custom SD tune.  Note: These numbers are with complete accessories, i.e. Water Pump, PS Pump, Alternator running fan, etc.

The Creation Of Our Dyno!

I started working on this project a year or so back.  Its a DTS (now Superflow) water break dyno from the mid 1990's.  It is capable of loading over 1000HP with its 13" dual vane water break.  It was originally ran with a DOS based old computer and had analog engine outputs.  I have since removed all of the DOS based system and analog output wiring since I use HP Tuners for the engine and it is all digital.  I recently updated the dyno acquisition software to Land & Sea's Dyno-Max software, the computer to Windows 10, and topped it off with 3 monitors.

For 2016 I hope to offer more custom engine packages as well as offer the newer Gen4 (2008+) Vortecs with a custom Speed Density operating system.  Gen4 engine require a MAF from the factory and will not even start without them.  Along with VVT (variable valve timing) and DOD (active fuel management) the newer Gen4 platform is more complex and somewhat less flexible compared to the Gen3 (1999-2007) Vortecs that we all have grown to love and have used in so many projects. 

April 2016 Update

I have been getting some time on this project again.  A 5hp - 100gl/minute water pump has been added.  Both the inlet and outlet servo valves have been rebuilt.  I just couldn't get all of the software and hardware to work correctly with a laptop so a new computer with 3 monitors was added along with a dedicated AFR gauge that drives both HP Tuners & the DynoMax software.

August 2016 Update

The dyno is pretty much complete and giving good usable data.  I added an additional exhaust system consisting of Long tube, Large primary (1-7/8) to a 3" collector into a dual 3in / 3out Dynoflow Tru-X muffler all in stainless.  This way we can test / tune engines with factory manifolds using the lower system, or if the engine will have a performance exhaust we can utilize this free flowing system.  The upper stainless system also adds full 8 channel EGT data logging to help identify individual cylinder problems.  With some "fine tuning" I recently got 370+ HP from a stock 2011 5.3 LC9 VVT engine.  VVT appears to be worth about 30HP on a 5.3 and the Long Tube headers gave the 5.3 an additional 10-12HP.